DVDS FOR SALE: Jean-Jacques Lebel’s LES AVATARS DE VENUS (1993-2007) DVD PAL, 40 min. Includes five videos by Lebel.

MORE NEW DVDS FOR SALE AT THE COOP!!! We are very excited to announce that we have many NEW PAL DVDS FOR SALE for individual/home-use! Among the 42 new titles:

Jean-Jacques Lebel’s LES AVATARS DE VENUS (1993-2007) DVD PAL, 40 min.
Includes five videos by Lebel. “The process leading to the making of the film-installation “Les Avatars de Venus” goes back thirty years to the thousands of images I began picking up – from news stands, bookshops, libraries, museums, flea markets as I traveled around the world. Finally, I collected a giant image-bank of different incarnations of Venus spreading across time and space, coming from all continents, all civilizations, all epochs.” – Jean-Jacques Lebel

DVD PAL Sale: $38.00 Individual Home-Use OnlyAdolpho Arrietta’s LA TRILOGIA DEL ANGEL (1965-1969) DVD PAL,
Includes three films by Arrietta.
“An angel watching over a boy. This angel with these wings, that Melies could have invented, will never leave Arrietta’s films. As if it had become his guardian angel, watching over his preserved childhood, a smile haunting his cruelest films.” – Emile Breton
DVD PAL Sale: $30.00 Individual Home-Use OnlyPeter Rose’s ANALOGIES (1968-1991) DVD PAL, color & b/w, 77 min. Includes five short films.
“I’m an escape artist. I aspire to travel in the fifth dimension, to speak unknown languages, to discover the next stage in the evolution of thought. I construct structural parables that allude to the possibility of there being more to the universe than is permitted by our explanations.” – Peter Rose
DVD PAL Sale: $30.00 Individual Home-Use OnlyPatrick Bokanowski’s DOCUMENTAIRES (1984-2003) DVD PAL, color, 94 min.
Includes: “La Part du Hasard” (1984) 52 min, and “Le Reve Eveille”(2003) 41 min.
“This video edition brings together the only two documentaries directed to date by Patrick Bokanowski, filmmaker of the imaginary. For 35 years he has brought us a body of work rich in extraordinary characters inhabiting mental environments, on the edge between figurative and abstract art. But here, rather than weaving fantastic dreams, he presents in a direct and realistic style two striking personalities who themselves work to uncover the world of the imaginary and the world of dreams, the painter Henri Dimier, and the psychotherapist Colette Aboulker-Muscat.”
DVD PAL Sale: $35.00 Individual Home-Use Only

Stephane Parti’s LA CITE DES NEUF PORTES (1977) color, 70 min.
“The mastery of Marti explodes in LA CITE DES NEUF PORTES, where this young filmmaker constructs a rigorous work, coherent while variegated, rhythmical like a concerto, with “piani” and “andante.” In this case, a concerto for masculine bodies, often in makeup or travesty and Super-8 camera. Generally editing the film in the camera at the moment of filming, and playing on the lightness of his equipment with quasi-caresses or filmic coruscations, Marti thus reveals himself to be one of the masters of Super-8.” -Dominique Noguez
DVD PAL Sale: $62.00 Individual Home-Use Only

SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT (British Avant-Garde Film of the 1960s & 1970s) (2006), 117 min. by LUX
Featuring films from the London Film-Makers’ Co-operative.
“At the Academy” by Guy Sherwin / “Little Dog For Roger” by Malcolm Le Grice / “Sheperd’s Bush” by Mike Leggett / “Hall” by Peter Gidal / “Dirty” by Stephen Dwoskin / “Marvo Movie” by Jeff Keen / “Broadwalk” by William Raban / “Fforest Bay II” by Chris Welsby / “Slides” by Annabel Nicolson / “Film No. 1” by David Crosswaite / “Dresden Dynamo” by Lis Rhodes / “Footsteps” by Marilyn Halford / “Leading Light” by John Smith.
DVD PAL Sale: $36.00 Individual Home-Use Only

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Still from Adolpho Arrietta’s “La Imitacion Del Angel” (1969) on LA TRILOGIA DEL ANGEL

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