The Film-Makers’ Cooperative is a non-exclusive distribution organization that does not select work, or look for any particular style, genre or budget. It is up to the maker to decide what sort of film or video he or she should make.

The Coop was founded in 1962 partly as a protest of the distribution system where curators and distributors would exclude certain innovative work, with little regard for the originality of these films. Many of these films are now classics of avant-garde cinema, and yet it took the Coop to first accept them.

To join the Coop as a filmmaker/videomaker all you need is a film or video. The membership fee is $40 annually. You must also deposit your work at the Coop for it to be listed for distribution. The Coop is completely non-exclusive (you still own your work, you can still show your work, you can make use of other distribution as long as it is also non-exclusive or doesn’t mind that your work is also in the Coop). At all times your film or video belongs to you. To facilitate rentals, your print or tape remains at the Coop. You still own this print or tape. You set the rental price (the minimum for any rental being $20). You receive 60% of your rentals, while 40% goes to the Coop for overhead.

Royalties are paid on request. Please call the Coop to have your royalty statement sent to you

We list your work in the catalog, where it is listed side by side with avant-garde legends who got their start this very same way. Our catalog goes out to several thousand renters and is now on-line as well. You will now have a distributor, while you, as a filmmaker/videomaker, remain in free control your own aesthetic.

If you do not make films, but would like to get involved, you can also join as an Associate Member and receive our Newsletter, catalogs and other information and benefits.

To become a member please call the Coop at (212) 267-5665, or email for additional information.

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