Amongst New DVD’s: Paul Sharits’ “Mandala Films” (1966-1968, 53 min, color, DVD PAL)

Image from Paul Sharits “Mandala Films”

WE HAVE NEW DVDS FOR SALE AT THE COOP!!! We are very excited to announce that we have many NEW PAL DVDS FOR SALE for individual/home-use! Among the 42 new titles:

Paul Sharits’ “Mandala Films” (1966-1968, 53 min, color, DVD PAL)
Includes Piece Mandala/End War (1966), N:O:T:H:I:N:G (1968), and T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G, (1968). DVD PAL individual/home-use sale: $32.00

Hans Richter’s “Early Works” (1921-1929, 35 min, color & b/w, DVD PAL) Eight early works by Hans Richter including “Rhythmus 21” and “Ghosts for Breakfast.” DVD PAL individual/home-use sale: $30.00″Give Chance a Chance, a Portrait of Hans Richter” (1973, 28 min, color, DVD PAL) Interview with artist-sculptor-filmmaker-surrealist Hans Richter. DVD PAL individual/home-use sale: $32.00Len Lye’s “Rhythms” (1935-1960, 47 min, color, DVD PAL)
Twelve painted films by Len Lye, including “A Colour Box” and “Color Cry.” DVD PAL individual/home-use sale: $30.00

Maya Deren’s “Experimental Films” (1947-1946, 47 min, b/w, DVD PAL), “Dance Films” (1945-1955, 47 min, b/w, DVD PAL), and
“Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti” (1947-1954, 47 min, b/w, DVD PAL) DVD PAL individual/home-use sale: $30.00 each

“Fluxfilm Anthology” (1962-1970, 120 min, color & b/w, DVD PAL)
Fluxus films by Nam June Paik, Dick Higgins, George Maciunas, Chieko Shiomi, John Cavanaugh, James Riddle, Yoko Ono, George Brecht and more. DVD PAL individual/home-use sale: $36.00

“Cinema Dada” (1921-1927, 50 min, b/w, DVD PAL)
Eight Dada shorts, including films by Man Ray, Hans Richter, Viking Eggeling, Rene Clair & Francis Picabia, Fernand Leger & Dudley Murphy. DVD PAL individual/home-use sale: $31.00

Jackie Reynal’s “Deux Fois” (1969, 72 min, color, DVD PAL)
According to Noel Burch, Deux Fois is a “deliberately elementary meditation on certain primary functions of film which could be called the basis of editing and would include: expectation, exploration of the image, memory, perception, relationships between space outside of and space within the screen, all explored in a series of self-sufficient long-takes, with a perfect simplicity.”
DVD PAL individual/home-use sale: $39.00

Adolfas Mekas’ “Hallelujah the Hills” (1963, 82 min, b/w, DVD PAL)
“Adolfas Mekas’s Hallelujah the Hills bears witness to his knowledge and love of cinema, as well as the immense freedom to be found in all the films of the New American Cinema.” – Time Magazine, 1963. DVD PAL individual/home-use sale: $36.00

Jonas and Adolfas Mekas’ “The Brig” (1964, 65 min, b/w, DVD PAL)
The Brig is a raw slice of new American cinema filmed in an off-Broadway stage with such brutish authenticity that it won a Venice festival grand prize as best documentary…” -Time Magazine, 1964. DVD PAL individual/home-use sale: $30.00

Mekas, Maas and Menken’s “Visions of Warhol” (1964-1990, 56 min, color & b/w, DVD PAL)
Scenes from the life of Andy Warhol, as seen by three pioneer avant-garde filmmakers and close friends of the Pop-artist.
DVD PAL individual/home-use sale: $30.00

Christopher Maclaine’s “Beat Films” (1952-1958, 61 min, color, DVD PAL) Includes The End (1953), The Man Who Invented Gold (1957), Beat (1958), and Scotch Hop (1959). DVD PAL individual/home-use sale: $32.00

Marie Losier and Tony Conrad: “DreaMinimalist” (1966, 2008, 56 min, color & b/w, DVD PAL). A film by and a film about Tony Conrad. Includes Tony Conrad’s The Flicker (1966) and Marie Losier’s Tony Conrad: DreaMinimalist (2008). DVD PAL individual/home-use sale: $32.00

There are 27 more titles not listed here! Please contact the Film Coop at 212-267-5665 to learn about more DVDs and send us your inquiries!


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