Film-Makers’ Cooperative is hiring interns for FALL 2013 and WINTER 2014

FMC is currently searching for qualified interns for FALL 2013
and WINTER 2014

Archivist at work

Thanks to a network of student and volunteer interns, FMC is thriving.

Currently, we are accepting resumes. We have a rolling intern hiring policy. There are no application forms or deadlines. Positions generally become available at the start of a school semester or Summer. Please send a cover letter and resume to

We ultimately choose interns based upon an interview. We contact candidates to schedule interviews. It is not possible to confirm internships without an interview. FMC will supply letters of invitation – for grants, fellowships, et alia – only after an internship has been confirmed.

Volunteers and interns work up to 2 days each week–Monday through Friday, from 10:30am–5:30pm. Internship commitments are for a minimum 3-4 months, equivalent to a school semester or Summer. We offer school credit for internships.

Interns assist with all aspects of FMC’s operations as a non-profit film & media archive and research library. To intern in the film & media archive or research library applicants must be enrolled in or have completed an undergraduate or graduate program in the fields of cinema and media studies, filmmaking, fine art with a concentration in multimedia, moving image archiving or library science.


Film Inspector, Archivist, Programmer Internship

Position Description:

Film handling at the Film-Makers’ Coop is a responsibility for the care and maintenance of the film collection. This mainly entails handling 16mm film prints. The position requires hands on knowledge and experience with 16mm film/editing techniques and projection. It is vital to our daily operations.

Position Tasks:

For film-handling:

-Film rental shipments at the beginning and end of each week
-Preparing film shipment packages
-Film return check-in on MTS
-Film inspection and repair
-Film inspection updates in MTS

For archiving:

-Maintaining alphabetical order of archive
-Maintaining and repairing film prints as needed -Updating MTS with accurate information based on archive
-Grant writing for new preservation projects
-Training interns for VHS transfer machine, VHS/DVD cataloging and online streaming

For programming:

-Biweekly film viewing for programing
-Monthly thematic film programs
-Filmmaker correspondence for screenings -Projection
-Building/breaking down screening reels
-Occasional 16mm workshops

VHS Archivist Internship

The Film-Makers’ Cooperative is in need of students and volunteers to manage the conversion of our VHS tapes to digital format for immediate distribution.

The Coop recently built a digital media workstation, designed by Gregg Biermann, that facilitates the digitization of VHS tapes. The station uses basic moving-image capture software to digitize the tape from a VHS tape deck. We are currently working on digitizing the VHS library for online streaming.

Please contact us immediately if you are a qualified student or volunteer who has experience with videotape editing. The tasks include cataloging the VHS collection, using a VHS tape deck to cue up the tape, capturing the VHS tape media and uploading the media online.

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