The Film-Makers Coop held its third annual Film and Music Benefit on April 23rd at Angel Orensanz Center in the Lower East Side. Within the beautiful, gothic surroundings of the former synagogue hundreds of the Coop’s friends met up to celebrate the art of the experimental avantgarde while enjoying themselves, each
other, and the mesmerizing film and music performances.

This year’s benefit is dedicated to Mary Lea Bandy, former curator and dedicated promoter of avantgarde and experimental film through the MoMA and elsewhere. As a symbol of gratitude and appreciation, The Film-Makers Coop presented its first ever Honorary Award to Mary Lea Bandy on this occasion, as an homage to her lifelong achievement and devotion to experimental cinema in New York.

The award was presented to Mrs. Bandy by Coop Executive MM Serra, director and benefit producer Bill Morrison, and filmmaker Donna Cameron.

The presentation of the award was followed by an immersive evening of live music by Philip Glass, Bill Frisell Trio, Pedro Soler, The Clogs, Irena and Vojtech Havel,
Dorit Chrysler, BenoÓt Pioulard, Ray Sweeten, members of The National, and Now We Are Here feat. Jonas Mekas, performing to experimental films by Robert Breer, Marie Menken, Maya Deren, Harry Smith, Bill Morrison, Bradley Eros, Jonas Mekas, Lynne Sachs & Mark Street, and Paul Sharits.

Looking back on this ‘marvellous’ and ‘magical’ event (quoting excited guests) it is hardly possible to contain the atmosphere of the night in words, but from the overwhelming response we have received since then everybody certainly had a wonderful time.

Thanks to everybody who came by and helped to make this year’s benefit such a beautiful experience and to put the ìartî back in the party, not least. For what’s
music and films without people, and vice versa?

We are very happy to announce that the proceeds from the benefit will help to ensure the continued existence and activities of the Film-Makers’ Cooperative.

Big thanks to everybody, and special thanks to the performing artists and those donating items and experiences for the art auction. See you all next year!

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