James Fotopolous: One-Man Show

Monday May 22 at 7:30 pm
279 Church Street, New York
Tel. 212-254-5277
selections by James Fotopoulos

$5.00 Admission includes free popcorn!

The work of James Fotopoulos has shown internationally at many festivals and sites including International Film Festival Rotterdam, the New York Underground Film Festival, Sundance Channel, the Walker Art Center, and the Andy Warhol Museum, among others. In 2002 he had a retrospective at Anthology Film Archives and was exhibited in the 2004 Whitney Biennial. In 2005 he received the Creative Capital Grant for his video on the life of Richard Nixon, published a book of drawings, The Lime Book, and completed an installation for the 2005 Contour Biennial for Video Art. His most recent video, The Hard Boiled Egg, produced from an unpublished screenplay by Eugene Ionesco, will premiere at the Museum of Modern Art in May. He is currently working on a commercial feature, Area Six with O’Hara/Klein Ventures.


The Nest
2003 16mm, color, sound, 78 min.
“Somewhere in the Midwest, a young couple’s starter apartment discharges the anomie stored in its cool, white walls and sparse, angular furnishings. The eponymous nest and the true star of this suburban gothic, its light fixtures ooze bilious greens and overripe ambers onto surgically extracted blocks of cheap architecture that each emit their own pitches and grinds of white noise. A nonstop 3am panic attack of drywall-crawling despair, this is the field on which James Fotopoulos assembles his latest assault on the senses.

To pin down and enumerate what happens in The Nest is to do violence to it. Better to list effects, colors, and key phrases, cut up and drawn from a hat, than offer any kind of chronology. More textural than textual, it distills dramatic tensions to a 78-minute environment of pure narrative: out of time, unencumbered by plot or rounded characters and demanding to be taken as a story that happens chiefly to the audience rather than to the figures in its landscape.” — Spencer Parsons, Cinematexas

The Scythe
2002 16mm, b/w, sound, 2 min.

Two Cats
1999 16mm, color, silent, 46 sec.

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