Film-related Organizations and Websites

Open Directory Project: Alternative Video

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Other Film Cooperatives

Austria Film Coop
The Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers
Canyon Cinema, Inc.
Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative
The Winnipeg Film Group

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On-Line Journals and Magazines

Canadian Journal of Film Studies
Cashiers du Cinemart Online
Film Threat Online
Mecano Zine

Millenium Film Journal

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Screening Sites/Festivals

Antimatter Festival of Underground Short Film and Video
Berks Filmmakers

The Blinding Light!!
The Chicago Underground Film Festival
The Images Festival of Independent Film & Video, Toronto, Canada
Impakt Festival; Utrecht, Netherlands
MadCat Women’s International Film Festival

Millennium Film Workshop
New York Underground Film Festival
Onion City Film and Video Festival
Pleasure Dome

S.F. Cinematheque
Telluride International Experimental Film Festival
Video Lounge

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Creative Capital
National Endowment for the Arts
Independent Television Service
John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
New York Foundation for the Arts
New York State Council on the Arts

The Jerome Foundation
The Pew Fellowships in the Arts

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Filmmaker’s Web Sites

Bobby Abate
Ralph Ackerman
Peggy Ahwesh
Rebecca M. Alvin
Dominic Angerame
Martin Arnold
Bruce Baillie
Gordon Ball
Alan Berliner
Gabriela Bohm
Bill Brand
Sugar Cain
Maya Deren
  Lisa DiLillo
Michel Doret
Cecilia Dougherty
Jane Gang
Anna Geyer
Nancy Graves
Barbara Hammer
Michelle Handelman
Henry Hills
Jim Hubbard
Takahiko Iimura
Nisi Jacobs
Alexis Krasilovsky
  Kurt Kren
Heiko Kalmbach
Larry Kless
Ann Deborah Levy
David Liban
Jeanne Liotta
Robin Lloyd
Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
Bob Moricz
Deanna Morse
Suzan Pitt
Dana Plays
Peter Rose
Lynne Sachs
Joel Schlemowitz
Madeline Schwartzman
Jack Smith
Robert Smithson
Mark Street
Chiaki Watanabe
Lili White
Lloyd M. Williams
Sheri Wills
Nick Zedd

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Articles, etc.

A Self-Preservation Guide for Film and Video-Makers PDF (1.9 MB)
Page 4 of the pdf talks about vinegar syndrome. (page 88 of the full book.)
and here’s a link to the NYU page with a link to a pdf of the entire book “ Results You Can’t Refuse: Celebrating 30 Years of BB Optics” where the essay was published.
An interview with Brakhage, by Jerry Johnson
Articles by Fred Camper on Stan Brakhage’s Arabics, Brakhage films of the late 1990s, Robert Breer, Jack Chambers’s The Hart of London, Brian Frye, Ernie Gehr’s Side/Walk/Shuttle, Gehr’s Still, Table, and Untitled (1977), Janie Geiser, Christopher Maclaine

John Matturri Writings on Film and Filmmakers

Mike and George Kuchar with Actress Marion Eaton, interview by Marc Madenwald

Cosmic Baseball Association – Bolex Poetics 1996 1997 1998

St. Tula, The Patron Saint of Film

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