On Sale Now, DVD’s by Frederique Devaux & Michel Amarger, Marcel Hanoun, Stephane Marti, and More

Still from Stephane Marti’s “Diasparagmos” (1980) on Cinexperimentaux #7

WE HAVE EVEN MORE NEW DVDS FOR SALE AT THE COOP!!! We are very excited to announce that we have many NEW PAL DVDS FOR SALE for individual/home-use! Among the 42 new titles:




“Cinexperimentaux #6: Marcel Hanoun” (1956-2003) DVD PAL, Color, 150 min


Includes: DES HOMMES QUI ONT PERDU RACINE (1956) b/w, 17 min. And JE MEURS DE VIVRE (1992-1994) 53 min.

Marcel Hanoun was born in 1928 in Tunisia. A photographer and journalist, he has directed, since 1955, many significant works in the history of the creation of filmic forms. An essayist on cinema as well, Hanoun co-founded several critical reviews in the 60s and 70s. This engaged creator is cameraman and editor of most of his films. His body of work is at once subversive and ascetic known throughout the world, and respected by many great artists.


DVD PAL Sale: $62.00 Individual Home-Use Only




“Cinexperimentaux #7: Stephane Marti” (1979-2005) DVD PAL, Color, 99 min


Includes 3 films by Stephane Marti: “ALLEGORIA” (1979) Super-8, 14 min., “DIASPARAGMOS” (1980) Super-8, 13 min., “MIRA CORPORA”(2004) Super-8, 45 min.


DVD PAL Sale: $32.00 Individual Home-Use Only




“Cinexperimentaux #8: Cooperative Light Cone” (2002-2008) DVD PAL, Color & b/w, 54 min


Includes: LIGHT CONE COOP (2002-2008) 22 min by Frederique Devaux & Michel Amarger & 4 films distributed: ARABESQUE (1929) silent, 7 min by Germaine Dulac; EYEWASH (1959) 2 min, by Robert Breer; Gill Eatherley, HAND GRENADE (1971) 5 min, by Gill Eatherley; ACIDFILMDA (1992) 6 min, by Metamkine


DVD PAL Sale: $32.00 Individual Home-Use Only




“Cinexperimentaux #9: Stephen Dwoskin” (1964-2010) DVD PAL, Color, 114 min


Includes: 2 films by Stephen Dwoskin: PHONE STRIP (2007) video, 8 min, & NAISSANT (1964) b&w, 14 min. Also: OBLIVION (7 min) by Maggie Jennings; TRAVAILLER AVEC STEPHEN DWOSKIN (9 min) by Rachel Garfield


DVD PAL Sale: $32.00 Individual Home-Use Only


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