How to book a film/Buy a DVD

For inquiries, please email MM Serra, the Executive Director of the Film-Makers’ Cooperative, at: or call (212) 267-5665. If you have NOT rented before from the Film-Makers’ Cooperative and would like to, please be sure to call first before booking.

ALL RENTERS: Please review the Coop’s rental policies before booking a film. When you have read and accepted our terms of rental, please download our CONFIRMATION OF ACCEPTANCE OF RENTAL POLICY FORM and fax/email it back to us.

Download (PDF, 572KB)

You can also download our BOOKING FORM and either fax/email that back to us at the same time.

Fax: 212-267-5666

**If you are emailing, please send a Word or PDF document containing all booking information via email.

Booking Information

Bookings with the Film-Makers’ Coop must be sent by fax or as a MS Word or PDF ducument via email.

All Orders Must Specify The Following

  1. title and maker of each film to be supplied
  2. the date(s) and number of showings scheduled, and the size(s) of audience
  3. street or building address to which shipment is to be made
  4. address to which our invoice-confirmation is to be forwarded
  5. instructions as to alternative titles and/or showdates
  6. current rental fee for each title, plus inspection fees ($6.00 for a single reel, or $2.00 per reel for multiple-reel orders), and an allowance for shipping and handling charges
  7. for FedEx include your account number


All rental and sales prices are subject to change.

For international rentals, please consult rental policies first.

Send Orders and Acceptance of Rental Policy Forms to:

The Film-Makers’ Cooperative
475 Park Avenue South, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10016

Fax: 212-267-5666

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