Qi You

A Bowl of Snow (2014) DVD, color and b&w, min

Genre: Narrative, Experimental

Keywords: arts & artists, environment & nature, philosophical

Observing snow melting, this film also captures my little intentional movements in narrative, like moving the chopsticks into the image, and moving the coffee machine handle. Every moving position is counted by the water drop sound, until the image moves to the falling snow. In this looping film, this circulation of snow just continues.

Rental: $20

Qi You

Tang Er Duo (2013) DVD, color, min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: arts & artists, family

More Description from youqi.us click video/ film. View: PDF doc.

Rental: $30

Qi You

Memories Unwoven (2015) Color, 3:37 min

Genre: Experimental

w/ William Contino

As a collaboration between two people we realized that it was important that we understood that there were two variations of what memory meant to us. That the coincidence of memory and space related to us differently. We could experience space in a similar way simultaneously, but memories existed only as a personal experience.

In the first part of our piece, the small mechanical house ride in front of a grocery story was a common Image yet our experience with this child's ride was quite different. We were interested in capturing this motion with an older technology using super eight film and processing it with analog video equipment. This use of older video and film technology allowed our ideas to work more closely together. The abstraction of color and motion helped unite our second part of the video.

Rental: $30.00

DVD NTSC Sale: $60.00

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