Basha Alperin

Odabo Odoba (1981) 16mm, color, 12 min

Genre: Animation

Keywords: Ethnic / Multicultural, Philosophical

ODABA ODOBA (Until we meet again odoba trans.) is the psychic adventure of a young child in search of his inner cultural identity. A trilogy of animated characters, representing his three aspects of conscienceness, journey through time -- encountering music, dances, and masks of Africa. The music consist of drums and chants from Cuba (Yoruba) and Senegal, and also an original jazz composition.

Rental: $30.00
16mm Rental: $30.00

Basha Alperin

African Autumn (1984) 16mm, color, 30 min

Genre: Animation, Experimental

Keywords: Dance, Environment & Nature, Ethnic / Multicultural

"... opened my eyes to the joy, color and the music of Yoruba ritual and dance." -- Roger Larson "Is a multimedia, educational and artistic film, which creatively explores the power of nature. Educationally, I recommend this film for teachers and students of Anthropology, Religion, History, Dance, Film and for anyone who wishes to hear, see, and feel a story of life! Its creator, Basha Alperin, reveals her story through music dance and story narration. These are woven together with live action, special effects and a variety of animation techniques. It is a film that explores the Youriba religion and a way of life for not only one people, but for all people. Although specific in history, it is an open and generous gift." -- Richard Protovin, Professor of Film and Animation, NYU "An exciting film... I was particularly impressed with the musical interpretations, especially the way the bata drum was interwoven with the jazz music, adding another dimension to the folkloric and creative visuals." -- Mongo Santa maria, Afro Cuban jazz bandleader and musician "a great contribution to the artistic expression of the Yoruba culture in this country." -- Professor Robert Ferris Thompson, author and art historian Is at one and the same a dance choreography through the medium of film, and film choreography through the medium of dance. The art forms of this transformation of culture (from Nigeria, to Cuba, to New York) are symbolized by the transformation of the autumn leaves, whose cycle culminates in the brilliant colors of the Orisha (goddess) Oshun -- only to be born again.

Rental: $50.00
16mm Rental: $50.00

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