Philip Hoffman

?O,Zoo! (The Making of a Fiction Film) (1986) 16mm, color, 23 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: Found Footage, Philosophical

"Philip Hoffman's ?O,ZOO! (THE MAKING OF A FICTION FILM) uses a diary format to skirt along the edge of someone else's filmed narrative (Peter Greenaway's A Zed & Two Noughts), and to trace the anatomy of pure image-making. 'Pure' is both the right and the wrong word: Hoffman is a man addicted to the hermetic thisness of filmed images, and plagued by the suspicion that these images, far from being pure, are really scabs torn away from the sores of the world. Found footage shot by his grandfather (a newsreel cameraman) is the starting point for Hoffman's meditations on the illusion of visual purity, and on the distance between the 'neutral' image and the value-laden narrative that it can be made to serve. It is a moral distance, one that this filmmaker surveys with a wary fascination." -- Robert Everett-Green "... Hoffman rewrites the Canadian documentary tradition into a family memory and romance." -- Blaine Allan

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16mm Rental: $55.00

Philip Hoffman

passing through/torn formations (1988) 16mm, color, 43 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Family

"Philip Hoffman's PASSING THROUGH/TORN FORMATIONS is a wide open ramble through the labyrinth of memory, considered primarily as a family affair. The film deals with the life and history of Hoffman's Czech-born mother and her family, presented as a kind of polyphonic recitation - of words, of images and of sounds." -- Robert Everett-Green "PASSING THROUGH/TORN FORMATIONS extends from Eastern Europe and back again -- an unravelling tapestry of family relations that speaks of migration and translation." -- Marian McMahon "PASSING THROUGH/TORN FORMATIONS accomplishes a multi-faceted experience for the viewer - it is a poetic document of Family, for instance - but Philip Hoffman's editing throughout is true to thought process, tracks visual theme as the mind tracks shape, makes melody of noise and words as the mind recalls sound." -- Stan Brakhage

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16mm Rental: $90

Philip Hoffman

river (1989) 16mm, color, 15 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Films about Film, Media

The Saugeen River-Sauking, 'where it flows out'--named by Ojibways in the early 1800's, runs into Lake Huron. The place where I know it is 20 miles south of Owen Sound, Ontario, where I spent time in my youth exploring gnarly banks. through filmmaking, I returned to the sight of the river, starting in 1977 and subsequently made three other visits. RIVER can be seen as a chronological picture of the way I have come to think through image-making over the past 12 years: of my relationship to the camera and to the ineffableness of the world at large. --P. H.

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Philip Hoffman

Kitchener-Berliner (1990) 16mm, color, 34 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: History

"Hoffman juxtaposes his home town, the Canadian city of Kitchener (formerly called Berlin), with its European namesake of the World War II era. 'The hyphen in the title suggests both severance from the past and connection to it.' The history of the area underpins the film, but refuses to bind it or restrict it from free association. Hoffman assembles a wide range of visual materials including home movies, television, news footage and archival film as well as his own characteristically enticing images, to build complex layers of superimpositions analogous to the impressions of memory. The film's opening segment, 'A Measured Dance,' is fluid and seductive, with deliberate and rhythmic camera movement and complex editing. Its second part, 'Veiled Flight' (introduced with an astounding 'Prologue' drawn from archival sources), is more enigmatic, turning inward with the visual metaphor of underground exploration, and suggests the extent to which film-makers are engaged in the work of making ghosts of the past for the future." -- Blaine Allen

Rental: $75.00
16mm Rental: $75

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