Oona Mekas

MEMORIES OF SOHO: PART ONE (1996) DVD_NTSC, color, 14 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: envirornment / nature, history, landscape / architecture, personal diary / journal

Short documentary. In 1976, the filmmaker's father, Jonas Mekas, made a film called Paradise Not Yet Lost. Many scenes in the film were street scenes of Soho, New York City from 1967-75. Twenty years later, the filmmaker creates a record of Soho from the 60s, 70s & 90s, revisiting the neighborhood with her video camera and juxtaposing images from Mr. Mekas' 1976 film.

Rental: $50.00
DVD NTSC Rental: $50.00

Oona Mekas

The JFK Assassination: Three Decades Later (1990) DVD_NTSC, color, 24 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: history, political / social activism

Short Documentary. Conducting street interviews with a cross-section of New Yorkers, a young filmmaker explores the theories of who really killed JFK almost thirty years after his assassination.

Rental: $25.00
DVD NTSC Rental: $25.00

Oona Mekas

The Sleepy Man (2013) DVD NTSC, Color, 25 min

Genre: Narrative

Keywords: Comedy, Literary

Judith (Oona Mekas) comes home to find a man (John Hawkes) sleeping on her porch-one of the sleepy people. She brings him inside. Over the next 5 days the mystery of the sleepy man grows as Judith becomes entangled with a gang of roving youth and the ragtag militia who are dedicated to eradicating them. Based on the short story Sleepy People, by Jonathan Lethem. A magical realist love story.


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