Stephane Marti

Cinexperimentaux 7: Stephane Marti (1979-2005) DVD PAL, color, 99 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Cinexperimentaux 7 DVD includes: Cinex #7: Stephane Marti (2003-2005), video 17 min. 3 Films by Stephane Marti: Allegoria (1979) Super-8 14 min Diasparagmos (1980) Super-8 13 min. Mira Corpora (2004) Super-8 45 min.

DVD PAL Sale: $32.00 Individual Home-Use Only

Stephane Marti

La Cite des neuf portes (1977) DVD PAL, Color, 70 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: erotic, music

The mastery of Marti explodes in LA CITE DES NEUF PORTES, where this young filmmaker constructs a rigorous work, coherent while variegated, rhythmical like a concerto, with piani and andante. In this case, a concerto for masculine bodies, often in makeup or travesty and Super-8 camera. Generally editing the film in the camera at the moment of filming, and playing on the lightness of his equipment with quasi-caresses or filmic coruscations, Marti thus reveals himself to be one of the masters of Super-8. -Dominique Noguez

DVD PAL Sale: $62.00 Individual Home-Use Only

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