Amanda L. Katz

Early 12 New York Song (2012) DVD NTSC, color , 3 min

Genre: Animation, Experimental

Keywords: landscape and architecture

Made by Amanda L. Katz and Georg Anthony Svatek.

Objects and sounds collected on an early morning walk through Brooklyn, NY billow against a sun-struck floor. The smallest parts of the city are up for grabs. -ALK

Rental: $35
DVD NTSC Rental: $35

Amanda L. Katz

I Still Live Here (A Self-Portrait) (2013) DVD NTSC, color, 15 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: biography and autobiography, personal, diary, journal

Street cinematography and moving portraits of close friends combine to create a reflection of the filmmaker herself. -ALK

Rental: $60
DVD NTSC Rental: $60

Amanda L. Katz

Summer *steph chin in the summer (2012) DVD NTSC, b&w, 4.5 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: ethnic/multicultural, history, personal/diary/journal

Shot in black and white super-8 film, the short loosely follows one Chinese American girl as she finds her way down to Chinatown in New York City. The girl has an obvious relationship with the camerawoman, and both the girl and the camerawoman float in and out of the frame as images of the street life in Chinatown take precedence. There is a sense of adventure but mostly nostalgia. The loose narrative is interrupted by a scene of a mango being sliced open. The music begins again and so do the images of Chinatown. At the end of the film, we see the Chinese American girl again, but this time she is indoors and packing. The music gets heavier and then the film cuts out. -ALK

Rental: $30
DVD NTSC Rental: $30

Amanda L. Katz

As You Pass By (2014) Digital, color, 10:36 min

Genre: Documentary

Keywords: history, landscape and architecture

in collaboration with Georg Anthony Svatek

As You Pass By commences an exploration of the Brooklyn - Queens Expressway, an infamous highway in New York City that slices through the two named boroughs. We pause in Woodside, Queens to observe one of the many spaces that have been sacrificed in order to create and maintain the utopian image of New York City on the opposite side of the East River. What we see is the beautiful way in which one New York citizen activates a seemingly derelict stretch of land.

Rental: $50

DVD NTSC Sale: $75

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