Dirk De Bruyn

Vision (1985) 16mm, color, 3.5 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Cameraless, Hand-processed

Music by Michael Luck. "... No photographed images. All handmade. It's all these squares, lines. The main techniques were bleaching and dyeing and sticking letraset material to the film strip. The images don't rush: they much more fold over the top of one another. Palimpsest. Using the pos/neg flickering helps to sustain the images..." -- D. bB. from "Where's Our Satellite," Melbourne, Australia (1985) inserting film strips to sustain shapes, otherwise you're talking about the one film all the time: it begins to look the same. There is a growing need to sustain shapes, patterns, etc. Hence the squares, lines. Breaking away from the rush of shapes. It's more of a problem to get away from in VISION because there are no photographic images. A very ordered film. Very Dutch. Took it all out of 800 ft. of this type of stuff and ended up with 150 ft. of selected squares and circles. Mondrian-inspired. "A synthesis of image and sound in the tradition of Len Lye." -- Felicity Parsons, "The Fringe Bugle", Melbourne, Australia (1985)

Rental: $30.00
16mm Rental: $30.00

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