Luis Ernesto Arocha

Windows (Las Ventanas De Salcedo) (1969) 16mm, black and white, 7.5 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Art & Artists, Comedy

On Love, Sex, Violence, War and Tchaikowsky. "The filmmaker uses the objects of painter Salcedo to poke gentle and savage fun at society and its follies... a continuous mad charade!" -- Tom Chomont. On Arocha: "I know of no films more uncompromising in grotesquerie of burlesque, in gigantism of overstatement, than the comedies of Arocha. His actors are possessed to frenzy with their roles, filled to bursting with their identities; they hypertrophy into fantastic growths, revealing comic flaws enormous, monstrous enough to swallow whole the old familiar characters of Samson, Traviata, and Dracula, and even to make the best of us laugh." -- Ken Kelman.

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16mm Rental: $30.00

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