Vivienne Dick

Guerillere Talks (1978) VHS NTSC, color, 28 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Philosophical, Political / Social Activism, Psychology & Mental Health

"Dick's first film, consists of eight unedited rolls of super-8 sound footage. A chorus of red and white Kodak leader separates the individual rolls, each of which is a sort of screen test for Dick's female subjects (most of whom are or were associated with the punk music scene)...Guerillere Talks can be seen as the extension of Warholian pragmatism to super-8 talkies. However, by juxtaposing various examples of female self-definition against the backdrop of a decaying social order, the film is also the rehearsal and paradigm for Dick's subsequent work." --Jim Hoberman, October issue 20, Spring 1982

VHS NTSC Rental: $75.00

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