Vivienne Dick

She Had Her Gun All Ready (1978) Super 8, color, 26.5 min

Genre: Narrative, Experimental

Keywords: Political / Social Activism

Set on New York's Lower East Side, the film revolves around the power relations between two friends. One dominates and paralyzes the other. This paranoia is overcome when the controlled person decides to take responsibility. "Vivienne Dick's 'She Had Her Gun All Ready' could provide a brilliant antidote to Judy Chicago's 'Dinner Party,' the almost religious canonization of the cultural stars of feminism. Dick speaks the contemporary unspeakable; woman's anger and hatred of woman at the crucial moment of overpowering identification and obsessional thralldom." -- Karyn Kay Idiolects, No. 9-10 (1980-1981)

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Super8 Rental: $80.00

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