Susana Donovan

Boy Frankenstein (1994) DVD NTSC, black and white, 9 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Philosophical, Political / Social Activism, Psychology & Mental Health

It is said that Hitler could not have had his reign of power had the German nuclear family not been structured as it was. Boy Frenkenstein reveals the machinations of such a power structure, and the maintenance roles played by the institutions of education and psychiatry. These institutions foist their lunacy and the responsibility of keeping its secrets upon the child. Gendre identity is addressed as well: Family comments ("You have your mother's eyes", etc.) play on the sewn together body parts of Frankenstein. Boy Frankendstein isn't a boy or a girl (her body parts come from both male and female family members) and her vitality is quickly "shaped" by the toe shoes - a modern day straight jacket for girls. The Family's perception is limited to accepting creation and destruction as polar opposites, and perceives life in a person as something to be conquered. As a result, Boy Frankenstein has pinhole vision as a child, expanding only to porthole vision/memory as an adult. --S. D.

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