Michel Doret

Videos (2000) DVD NTSC, , min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Art & Artists

Michel's Video Studio has so far produced three series: 1. The New York series 2. The Art series 3. The religious series. Total: Over 160 films of all lengths (short, medium and full-length features.). Request On-line Catalog. While a serious theatrical distributor is being sought, the following 4 samples can be ordered in DVD and/or VHS format: I. For the New York series. - 1. A Stroll through Manhattan. Running time: approx. 1hr.25m. This full-length feature on video support is the first episode of a trilogy registered by The Writers Guild of America, west, entitled A New Person. DVD Rent: $120.00. DVD Sale: $240.00 - 2. Independence Day 2003. Running time: approx. 50m. 4th of July celebration on Long Island, including an historic revival at Sagamore Hill and Fireworks at Jones Beach. DVD Rent: $60.00. DVD Sale: $120.00 II. For the Art series. - Three Collections. Running time: approx.1hr.10m. A full-length feature presentation of the three audio-visual artistic styles contributed in recent years by Artist Michel Doret, including acrylic paintings and collages in Primitive Surrealism of Total Art, The New Art 2002 and Spontaneism. DVD Rent: $70.00. DVD Sale: $140.00 III. For the Religious series. - An Italian Mass. Running time: less than 1 hr. A good sample of the religious series and of the foreign language creations. Mothers' Day Mass in Italian at St. Brigid's on Long Island 2003. DVD Rent $60.00. DVD Sale: $120.00 To see or order more samples from over 160, request the On-line Catalog entitled: "Video Films 2003" by Michel's Video Studio." All films are available for licensing and/or outright sale. Studio's Policy for Samples. DVD Renting: approx. $1.00 per minute. DVD Sale: approx. $2.00 per minute.

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