Mary Filippo

I'm in Heaven (1978) 16mm, color, 5 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Personal / Diary / Journal, Philosophical

In a presentation of myself, and a questioning of my origins and place. The film is about being alone with an audience; about loneliness and self-consciousness. There are film-self-reflexive references to Maya Deren's AT LAND and MESHES OF THE AFTERNOON, which point to this self-consciousness as a filmmaker. The theme of the film was, in part, provoked by a studying of Rimbaud's poem 'Bad Blood.' The poem is about heredity. It is an enraged proclaiming against his class origins. The title of the group of poems in which 'Bad Blood' is included is 'A Season in Hell.' The title of this film, I'M IN HEAVEN, is evidence of my ironic interpretation of the ideas raised in the poem. My film is more concerned with my biological origins and my possible future offspring then in placing myself in terms of class origins. --M. F.

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