Massimo Bacigalupo

200 Feet For March 31st (1968) 16mm, black and white, 10 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Philosophical

"The aspect of the word,/ as somebody said,/ sound/ the word is sound much more than anything else/ and this , you see how true this is/ of the visual sound also, the optical impact of the text, seen at different speeds, the different color of the paper, the different type in conjunction with what comes to mind, at (as it is) random/ AGAINST THAT POSSIBLE SPRINGTIME/ the full openness/ for the sake of a complete experience seeing THE CANTOS, in bold face; then CUMMINGS, the UPANISHAD; and the impressionistic view that brings associations springing from a simple word remembered by chance, or a line, or a poet's name you discover what is the word/& where it is living/ the context, going far beyond its or the neighboring words' meaning when what went unnoticed before shows its bright relevance, here. Let us not talk about the structure of the film here (the six Upanishads following each other in alternation with what is both different and related-- the word of others). Let us not talk of how and to whom homage was paid, Let us talk of this:/ THE DISCOVERY OF THE WORD/ it is surely something to S E E..." --Andeas Weiland

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16mm Rental: $40.00

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