Hollis Frampton

Noctiluca (Magellan's Toys: #1) (1974) 16mm, color, 3.5 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Environment & Nature

"...is a three and one-half minute film designed to be shown on the second day of the MAGELLAN cycle. The title (nox/luceo) means something that shines by night, i.e., the moon, and the film indeed consists of a bright sphere, sometimes white, sometimes tinted, sometimes single, sometimes doubled and overlapped. This suggests to me the nocturnal navigation that Magellan had to rely upon in his first-ever trip around the world. (The second day of the cycle seems to be an inventory of the knowledge, machines, and arms that Magellan--and latterday voyagers like Frampton--had at the outset of his journey.) The film also refers of course to Stan Brakhage's much longer, and monumental, 1973 film TEXT OF LIGHT, which studied the prismatic reflections occasioned by sunlight passing through a glass ashtray. Frampton's film is, characteristically, more controlled and economical than Brakhage's, but no less beautiful."--Brian Henderson

Rental: $30.00
16mm Rental: $30.00

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