Frank V. Gaide

Men's Room, The (1988) 16mm, color, 13 min

Genre: Narrative

Keywords: Children & Youth

"... THE MEN'S ROOM, Frank V. Gaide's amusing little tale of a very young man's first trip to the men's room and all the exciting and foreign things he encounters there-among the best: a prophylactic dispenser and a stolen Celtics hat. At a running time of tweleve minutes, Gaide's film was just right, nicely cut and adequately acted and the men's room itself was not merely filmed on location at an actual lavoratory but a carefully constructed set was erected (no bathroom humor intended) so that the camera could freely move among the makeshift urinals and stalls. Clever. It brought back memories, too."-- Mark Griffin

Rental: $20.00
16mm Rental: $20.00

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