Jane Gang

Pink Pony Film Nites Compilation I curated by Jane Gang (2001) VHS NTSC, color, 55 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Found Footage

Jane Gang left London and the thriving London Underground Film scene in 1996. On 30th September 1996 she presented the first Pink Pony Film Nite @ the back of the Pink Pony Cafe on Ludlow, LES, NYC. This was the first regular spot to hit NYC since the Cinema of Transgression days back in the early 80's. The twice monthly then monthly film & video nites spawned the present generation of film nites that are now playing out of small venues around the city and Williamsburg. 1. Seven Days Till Sunday   by Reynold Reynolds/Patrick Jolley (1997, 10 min., Shot on Super-8) "Seems like the perfect way to reach that final high while letting yourself go" 2. Jaunt by Andrew Rotting (1995, 6 min., Shot on 16mm) "Boats, water and boating types. A slice of British eccentricity @ its best" 3. The Empty Film by Paul Tarrago (2000, 4 min., Shot on Super-8) "Cutting edge filmmaking in sync" 4. Inside Out by Jane Gang (1995, 9 min., Shot on Super-8) "They're cutting the grass outside and my hair's getting shorter" 5. Rape of the Arthuropods by Arthur Lager (1997, 3 min., Shot on Super-8) "Some violent sex in the underwater world" 6. Sugar by Lisa Barnstone (2001, 7 min., Shot on Super-8) "Super cool, hot babe, Victoria Jealouse snowboarding Barnstone style" 7. Heavy Metal Parking Lot   by John Heyn/Jeff Krulin (1986, 16 min., Shot on Video) "Cult Classic, a frozen moment"

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