Dave Gearey

Footage (1976) 16mm, color, 9.5 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Dance

"Gearey has made a series of films of [Dana] Reitz dancing. Gearey is a poet with a camera and his touch is everywhere, in every frame, and he touches us with a strong feeling for nature. In FOOTAGE he has made an unusual and beautiful film of Dana Reitz's bare feet. It's a wonderful feeling to have feet discover themselves running, digging into mud and sand, at the water's edge, in the sunlight, caressing air and casting shadows. He's got a poetic visual style and it has something to do with the way he sees and selects. His textures, pans, cuts and angles are beautifully orchestrated. He crops and concentrates on one thing and allows the film to emerge visually, to take its own shape and texture. It explains more with less ... that is the power of abstraction. All of his films contained these qualities." -- Leonard Horowitz, The Soho Weekly News

Rental: $40.00
16mm Rental: $40.00

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