Dave Gearey

Lightplay (1987) 16mm, color, 28 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Environment & Nature

Composed of 8 separate film sketches recorded in New York's Central Park: Bikes, Volleyball, Soccer, Runners, Boats, Basketball, Baseball and Roller-skating. LIGHTPLAY is about the delight of watching people at play. While the viewer's attention shifts to follow movement, measure rhythms, notice idiosyncratic gestures or listen to the layered sounds of the park, we discover that there is more to being a spectator than meets the eye. Below the surface of textured images, diverse tempos and different, if not polar, visual qualities, we encounter a design that mimics the dynamic and constructive nature of looking and listening. LIGHTPLAY becomes a film about the art of seeing.

Rental: $75.00
16mm Rental: $75.00

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