Peter Gidal

Silent Partner (1977) 16mm, color, 32 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Art & Artists, Films about Film, Media

"... the film as process works with the spectator in process. The narrative of action is rejected, or displayed as a set of impossible fragments (hints of human activity in SILENT PARTNER).... the questioning of legibility... and throughout the film the possibility that the siting of objects at screen edge yields another set of illegibilities... Partly an intensification of the subject, its ironic disintegration and dissolution forcing its contradictions fragment both text and artist-subject (present everywhere and nowhere: Beckett, Warhol, Duchamp).... a refusal of the ordering of space, the first rule of fictional/documentary cinema... nil return in producing the divided subject... constructed in an act of capture... an interrogation of that capture..." --Al Rees, Silent Partner, BFI Catalog 1977/78

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16mm Rental: $70.00

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