Peter Gidal

Close Up (1983) 16mm, color, 61 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Structural

After three years this film attempts yet again to deal with the problematising of filmic representation in sound and image: the overt politically-polemical soundtrack from Nicaragua must not synchronise with nor must it find an entirely separable continuum of reality away from the image sequences. Without avoiding the interrogation of narrative/anti-narrative cinematic structures (the way the images and the sounds at times hold/do not hold, or the way they attempt to force a position contradictory to any (imaginary) represented homogeneity of constructed space, time, ego, language, film) an attempted materialist use of sound and image must at the same time be an anti-individualist work. Subjectivities of sound and image, sometimes producing contradiction (between the two, and within each) must be in constant process with/against the political polemic(s): the film can not allow for a final exclusion of either. What is intended is neither some pure formal dialectic. The viewer's attempts via her/his/the cultural context of meaningmaking(political/sexual/narrative) are worked against by this film's process (or should be). The work against the capitalist patriarchal position of narrative, in other words, is (still, and in specificity) the main interest. --P. G.

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