Bette Gordon

Exchanges (1979) 16mm, color, 14.75 min

Genre: Experimental

EXCHANGES investigates mechanisms by which meaning is produced in film, through the interaction of the process of construction of a text and the social context which determines and is represented by that text. The film deconstructs the relationship between image and work, visual codes and language, memory and experience. EXCHANGES also raises the question of female sexuality in attempting to represent women as sexual beings outside the positions assigned to them by male power and fantasy. The elliptical printing-editing style of EXCHANGES confronts the problem of the imaging of the body, by posing a kind of striptease of cinema. The exchange of clothes between two women is seen as a performance, without the illusion of personal interaction as a mediator. The film's construction attempts to reposition the erotic elements: the technology employed becomes more seductive than the actual image of stripping, displacing the striptease rather than serving it invisibly, thus establishing a tension between the image of the women and the sensuality of the filmic process.

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