Larry Gottheim

"Sorry / Hear Us" (1986) 16mm, black and white, 8 min

Genre: Experimental

(note, quotation marks are part of the title) A violated text, a hint of which leaks out throught the cut-up, generates a film with its own overt surprises and suppressed associations. An old kind of poem bears, under pressure of a backwards undertow, a brash new cinema poem. Sharp and even funny, it grows out of a new mode of working, developing my desire to work collaboratively in a way that stimulates and benefits from the creative associations and acts of others. Doug Foote, David Gresalfi, Erick Pinedo-- it's fully their film, too. Kathy Benedek started it off. Karen Krawczyk, Jack Holland, Chris Sivolella made creative contributions. Also Henry Lou, Marty Sheehan, Tom Murray, Fernando Pimenta.--LG

Rental: $25.00
16mm Rental: $25.00

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