Dwinell Grant

Eight Films (1960) 16mm, color & b/w, 39 min

Genre: Experimental

COMPOSITION #1, THEMIS (1940) 4 min. Color. Silent (16FPS.): A painter's first attempt to introduce the element of time-motion into abstract visual art. Improvised rather than composed, using circles, squares, and cylinders of glass, paper, and wood, lighted from all angles by moving light sources.--D. G. COMPOSITION #2, CONTRATHEMIS (1941) 4 1/2 min. Color. Silent (16FPS.): An attempt to develop visual abstract themes and to counterpoint them in a planned, formal compostion.--D. G. "Austere and chaste combinations, with subtle manipulation of structure, density and rhythm."--W. Moritz. ABSTRACT EXPERIMENTS (1941-42) 8 min. Color. Silent (16FPS.):Different animation media tested for possible use in future films.--D. G. COMPOSITION #3, SPELEAN DANCE (1942) 2 1/4 min. Black & White. Silent (16FPS.): Animation of clay, wooden spheres, and wire, is augmented by animated light forms produced by projektion through movable prism-lens combinations.--D. G. COLOR SEQUENCE (1943) 3 mins. Color. Silent (16FPS.): "Pure solid-color frames which fade, mutate and flicker. A research into color rhythms and perceptual phenomena."--W. Moritz. THREE THEMES IN VARIATION (1945) 5 1/2 min. Black & White. Silent (16 FPS) COMPOSITION #5, FUGUE (1949) 8 min. Color. Silent (16FPS.): Abstract themes are developed and counterpointed. Animated forms are light projections superimposed on a static abstract background.--D. G. PEPSi-COLA-COMMERCIAL (1960) 1 min. Color. Sound (24FPS.).

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16mm Rental: $75.00

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