Victor Grauer

Book of the Year Three Thousand (1974) 16mm, color, 48.5 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Literature & Theater

This film is my response to the epic tradition, from Homer to the Mahabharata--V. G. "This film reflects everything (Grauer) has been involved with in his previous films and he uses this knowledge in a highly personal and non-mechanical way. No matter how well previous type of 'flicker' film is done, they essentially remain machine-like and impersonal. In BOOK, Grauer extends his vision to encompass much more.... The totality of the experience is a kind of wrap-around poem... None of the parts exist by themselves, everything is interwoven to produce a strong and hypnotic unity."-- Bob Cowan, in Take One

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16mm Rental: $75.00

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