Amy Greenfield

Transport (1971) 16mm, color, 5.5 min

Genre: Experimental

Camera: Sandy D'Annunzio; Performers: Lee Vogt, Amy Greenfield; Sound: Optical Synthesizer. TRANSPORT came out of many influences in the early 1970s: the dead of Vietnam; the poem by my poetry teacher Anne Sexton, "For God While Sleeping"; the post-modern dance experiments with trust, to give yourself totally while being lifted by another; and the airborne astronauts of moon exploration. In the film, a man, then a woman, are lifted from the ground and are carried through space. Most of the film is seen upside-down against the white sky. The man and woman never meet. Their relationship is made entirely through the film editing. They move between ground and sky, between death (dead weight), through gravity (conflict weight) toward space (floating space). Finally, they break out into space and are borne along as if flying through the white air. Awards: Second Prize, Yale Film Festival; Oesterreichisches Filmmuseum, Austria. Exhibition: Museum of Modern Art, NY; Whitney Museum of American Art, NY; Film Forum, NY.

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