Amy Greenfield

Dervish 2 (1972) 16mm, color, 18 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Dance

Directed, choreographed, and performed by Amy Greenfield. Camera: Wilson Barber; Switching: Tony Grante; Colorization: Pee Bode. One of the first creative videodance tapes made. The Museum of Modern Art says "[Greenfield] developed a new genre of videodance, choreographing movement for the area framed by the video camera and the television screen." "For twenty minutes we watch Greenfield, wrapped in a white sheet, simply spin. The ceaseless repetition makes us lose our sense of time and gives the dynamic movement an object-like permanence. And yet, the actual physicality of her body also seems to dissolve. Subtle superimpositions of alternate camera views create delicate image transparencies while the whippings of the sheet across the monitor screen emit luminous stroboscopic flickerings. Rhythmic ambient sounds of shuffling and breathing reinforce the hypnotic effects of optical repetition." -- Richerd Lorber, Arts in Society "A range of dance extraordinary in its closeness and fragility." -- ArtsCanada Awards: First Int'l Women's Video Festival, Toronto, Canada; Video Roma, Italy. Part of the collection of Lincoln Center Dance Collection and Anthology Film Archives Video Collection.

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