Amy Greenfield

Dialogue for Cameraman and Dancer (1974) 16mm, color, 25 min

Genre: Experimental

Director, Editor, Choreographer, and "Dancer": Amy Greenfield; Camera and "Cameraman": Willson Barber. A pioneering videodance tape, for its camera movement and its editing which in the latter part presages music videos. This tape also summons up the ideals of freedom and openness of the nude body and naked personality, the good and bad trips, the music (Joplin and The Who) of the '60s. "This tape involves a dual process, as cameraman and dancer rediscover the roots of human motion in their own lives. ... The camera circles, follows, inverts, sometimes echoes, sometimes seems to hurl Greenfield across the landscape ... fully entering into the kinetic energy which surrounds her nude body. ... Greenfield and the cameraman, Willson Barber, speak to each other on the soundtrack, discussing their experiences and feelings about movement, especially falling - one extended sequence of which reminds this writer of the diving sequence in Leni Riefenstahl's Olympia .... The soundtrack ... of popular music is opposed by the sound of Greenfield's breathing, buzz of planes, screams, and other noises usually deleted from more conventional dance tape." -- Robert A. Haller, Film Library Quarterly

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