Amy Greenfield

Videotape For A Woman And A Man (1978) 16mm, color & b/w, 34 min

Genre: Experimental

Directed, choreographed, and edited by Amy Greenfield. Cameras: Hilary Harris, Patricia Saunders; Performers: Ben Dolphin, Amy Greenfield; Music: Gordon Mumma, J. S. Bach. "Among film and video artists, Amy Greenfield holds a special place in today's avant-garde. Greenfield, an active exponent of experimental cinema dance, was honored by a full Cineprobe evening at New York's Museum of Modern Art. "VIDEOTAPE FOR A WOMAN AND A MAN, shown at MoMA, is an absorbing and disturbing inquiry into male-female relationships. Photographed in black and white and color, and performed in the nude by Greenfield and dancer Ben Dolphin, it relentlessly examines the possible physical and emotional encounters between a man and a woman. The vulnerability of nakedness makes these encounters not only a study in exposure but a turbulent drama in which two human beings confront each other and begin a ritual of mutual and self discovery. "While the erotic implications are a constant, the work skillfully skirts the pornographic through the single-mindedness with which the protagonists objectify (by word and action) their encounters. "It is the immediacy of the unforeseen that lends the film its emotional thrust as the unadorned, unimpeded, and unrestricted male and female bodies enter into a sensual struggle for self-recognition." -- John Gruen, Dancemagazine

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