Vincent Grenier

You (1990) 16mm, color, 16 min

Genre: Experimental

I had been looking for someone's unnerving encounter, that conversation that one just couldn't get out of their head, the kind of event that leaves one still debating out loud while walking in the streets or doing one's tidies in the bathroom. After interviewing a few people, I found Lisa Black who obliged with one of her own and became the film's main character. A situation with many angles; the telling, the filming, the final projection event... YOU is an imaginary fictionalized you in a whimsical space. It is the still live residue of the broken relationship Lisa is here confronting. A parallel actor, the film is in the business of reinterpreting. As a result the film is closer to a psychic space, an ironic place where distance is also intimate and a measure of insight. Lisa Black is a member of theater 00bleck in Chicago. Award: Director's Choice, 1990 Black Maria Film and Video Festival -- Screening: Society for Cinema Studies Conference, 1991, UCLA 11th Chicago Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, 1992 -- Orlando Film Festival -- Independent Focus, WNET -- London Film Festival 1992, "Art and Experiment" -- 15th Denver International Film Festival,1992 -- 6th New York Lesbian and Gay Experimental Film Festival -- Munich Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Enoy Arena, Fall 1992. Purchased by: The collections of the Canadian Art Bank and Sinking Creek Film Ce 15th International Festival of Films on Art, Montréal, March 1997.

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