Vincent Grenier

Color Study / Winter Collection (2000) VHS NTSC, color, 10.5 min

Contains the following two films: Color Study, Slaterville NY (2000); and Winter Collection (2000). See descriptions for individual titles below. Color Study, Slaterville NY, (2000), VHS, color, sound, 4-1/2 min. Digital image manipulated and edited using Digital Origin Edit DV software. Stereo sound. Original format Mini DV. A humorous, digitally induced meditation on colors, motion and space from a few frames of road side fall panorama in upstate NY. "It is interesting to think about COLOR STUDY in relation to the purely cinematic-photochemical nature of a work like Kurt Kren's ASYL with its multiplicity of delicate composite imagery and overlapping seasons that create a feeling of all time being simultaneous. In ASYL, solar light cohabitates with the film--the emulsion receives singes and burns that inscribe the image and are reconstituted in projection as muted radiance. In COLOR STUDY, a cat's eye like chatoyancy of splattered color, the precise mimicry of natural color combined with unnatural color fields, creates and breaks illusion, Color manufactures a kind of implied time lapse where it does not technically exist. A spatial jigsaw, combining the autumnal and the verdant. The invented light and color of the digital process creating an acid wash." -- Mark McElhatten

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