Pat Gruben

Sifted Evidence (1982) 16mm, color, 41.5 min

Genre: Experimental

A woman is telling the story of how she went to Mexico looking for an obscure archaeological site; how she met a man who promised to take her there; how they stayed together locked in cross-purposes and misunderstandings - how, but never why. The central event has been reconstructed through stills, narration, and enactment by two performers in a tableau limited by the boundaries of the front projection screen. "... Among the most assured experimental narratives of the early '80s, SIFTED EVIDENCE makes particularly brilliant use of Syberberg-style front-screen projection." -- J. Hoberman, The Village Voice "[The] complex interplay of verbal, linguistic, and cinematic relationships can be seen as a strategy for challenging the conventional structures of narrative cinema and the patriarchal traditions in which that cinema is embedded. The emphasis on the female voice and its status as voice-over narration crystallizes that strategy." -- Kay Armatage, The Experimental Challenge

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