Sabrina Gschwandtner

Bouia Omar/The Knit Knit Sundown Salon/Sewn Film Performance (2001) DVD NTSC, color, 35 min

Genre: Documentary

BOUIA OMAR 13 min The video consists of footage that documents Bouia Omar, a Moroccan asylum-town located 90 miles from Marrakesh. I was taken there by the son of a former resident, and was allowed to participate in ritual healing practices under the conditions that I wear traditional Muslim clothing, and hide my video camera in my bag. THE KNIT KNIT SUNDOWN SALON 6:36 min Curator Fritz Haeg invited me to collaborate on an art event celebrating knitting and handcraft, to be held at hes LA-based art space, "Sundown Salon," in February of 2004. The daylong event included art installations, performances and a film/video screening. Guests were invited to bring projects to work on and wear clothes they'd made. I produced this video as documentation of the event. SEWN FILM PERFORMANCE 4:44 imn I cut several Super-8 films that I had previously made into one or two foot strips. I then altered them through means of handcraft: I sewed bits of fabric onto them, and painted them, and cut some of them in half vertically in order to sew mis-matched halves together. The performance consisted of a live video of my hands feeding strips of Super-8 film into a film projector- this video image was shown to the left of the projected film strips. The soundtrack was simply the sound of the film projector's motor. The video provides documentation of the performance, and shows what the audience saw. During the duration of the performance, I was positioned on the floor, sitting within the crowd.

DVD NTSC Rental: $40.00

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