Johannes Hammel

Black Sun (1992) 16mm, black and white, 26 min

Genre: Experimental

BLACK SUN, based on a short novel by American authot Samuel R. Delany, tells of the meeting between a "spacer" and a "frelk". A "spacer" is an androgyne being, determined to execute technical work on the nearby planets, able to adapt to any kind of gravitation, they become for the "frelks" - who depend on the gravitation of the earth - buyable objects of desire. BLACK SUN starts with the landing of a "spacer" on earth and his meeting with a "frelk woman" who expects a sexual affair with the "floating meat". The impossible love affair (the "spacer" lost its sexual identity due to metamorphosis) takes place in a future world where bodies radiate, where shadows transform into mirrors and where darkness illuminates space. The human being is an insect under the dark light of the sun, in a time far away which is sometimes erroneously called childhood.

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16mm Rental: $52.00

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