Michelle Handelman

La Suture (2000) VHS NTSC, Beta SP NTSC, color, 8.25 min

Genre: Experimental

Featuring: Michelle Handelman; Eleni Maravelia; Emily Michailidou; Camera: Michelle Handelman; Paolo RousseausAnimation and Avid Editor: David Nicholson An attic, a giant sewing needle and an anti-gravity fairy tale of sibling rivalry. Three sisters fight over who gets the biggest phallus in this post-feminist animation-infused playground by media artist Michelle Handelman. If Hans Christian Anderson got a sex change, surfed the porn sites, and hung with the freaky girls, his stories would look like this. AVAILABLE on DVD or VHS

Rental: $30.00
VHS NTSC Rental: $40.00
BetaSP NTSC Rental: $40.00

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