Piero Heliczer

Dirt () 16mm, b&w and color, 12 min

Genre: Experimental

DIRT is a poem in the form of scopitone. The pictures presented here are from a segment called Satisfaction, with the Rolling Stones on the sound track. 1. Hairdressing; 2. Kiss; 3. Dancing; 4. Undressing; 5. Wedding. "From all the new movies Piero Heliczer's DIRT touched me the deepest. Its beauty is very personal and lyrical. And every frame of it is cinema. I can do no justice to this beautiful work in one paragraph. It is all motion. Together with Brakhage's SONGS. Branaman's abstractions and Ken Jacob's not yet released work. Heiliczer's DIRT is one of the four works that use 8mm film properly for art's sake." -- Jonas Mekas

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16mm Rental: $50.00

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