Piero Heliczer

Stone Age, The () 16mm, color, 30 min

Genre: Experimental

filmed mainly in the west village with other parts in normandy place st sulpice and colchester (essex) show at ann arbor oberhausen and cannes festivals with tom raworth mary and gudmundur gudmusson erro agneta freiberg jane fagin michael malce and son warren sonbert ultra violet (as jacqueline kennedy) francois le coeur ira cohen the cows of st agnan angus and hetty maclise the human family isamu akino jackie curtis as richard nixon viva michel auder terence ork harvey and judy kramer joachim neugroschel judy ahern mario anniballi amanda fielding jos mellon julie felix ellen landauer jud & jeni yalkut marion brown marney brown mossa bildner dexter kelly betsy greenstein george whitman carla liss alfredo leonardi jeanne lasilaa patti lee chenis cornelia wessels joseph arak jose rodriguez soltero rolando pena susanne de maria lohr wilson jerry benjamin jack smith michael snow (as aristotle) and gerard malanga as orefeo.

Rental: $50.00
16mm Rental: $50.00

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