Leonard M. Henny

Resistance, The () 16mm, color, 16.5 min

Keywords: Political / Social Activism

Produced by Leonard Henny in cooperation with the Peace and Liberation Commune and the Committee for Draft Resistance in the San Francisco Bay Area. Camera by Leonard Henny. Editing by Kees Hin. Speak-out by David Harris and members of The Resistance. Complicity statements by friends of The Resistance. Songs by the band of the Peace and Liberation Commune, Palo Alto. Rock music by The Charletans. Theatre by The San Francisco Mime Troupe. This film was produced to be shown on the summer project of The Resistance, 1968. A truck with a projection screen and sound installation traveled across the US to spread the word about The Resistance and to show the people in the country the alternatives before them. Over and above their non-cooperation with the draft, members of The Resistance searched for a new form of society, a new attitude towards fellow people in the world and a new approach to what is worth doing with our lives.

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