Henry Hills

Nervous Ken (2004) DVD NTSC, color, 20 min

Genre: Documentary

In NERVOUS KEN, experimental film legend and long-time Tribeca resident Ken Jacobs is "interviewed" by an urbane 12-year old from the Upper West Side, Emma Bernstein. Envisioning an exploration of the nature of listening (of apprehending or not, remembering or not, & creating meaning) and of the repetitions & variations of verbal expression and its accompanying often-emphatic physical gesturing as a basis for making visual music, Henry Hills employs the full range of temporal manipulation available within the digital realm, exploiting the unique corners which differentiate DV from 16mm, though including frequent references to themes & techniques from Jacobs'own work within the arcanum of film. The "musical score" is derived through permutations of the sync track. This is the first released section from the ongoing series, EMMA'S DILEMMA, which follows its protagonist through numerous encounters with a range of artists in a search for identity spanning her entire teen years. --H. H.

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