Takahiko Iimura

24 Frames Per Second (1975) , min

"This film and in particular the function of sound within it will vary freely from moment to moment, viewer to viewer. Totally different in its physical surface from most of the sound films of the 1970s, the film's openness of articulation of sound stands as an emblem for the new investigations of sound-image relationship during this period. Allowing the full force of its meaningful symbolic oppositions between black and white, silence and sound, to resonate, the film brings these issues forth within [the] larger context of its (and the viewer's) probing of the nature, the limits and the possibilities of human consciousness." -- Larry Gottheim, 10 Years of Living Cinema "Both in terms of its examination of time and space, of light and darkness, of visuals and sounds; and in terms of its demands and potential rewards for an audience, 24 FRAMES PER SECOND is the quintessential Iimura film." -- Scott MacDonald, Afterimage

Rental: $30.00

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