Ken Jacobs

Jerry Takes a Back Seat, Then Passes Out of the Picture (1987) 16mm, color, 11 min

Genre: Experimental

In an earlier film, STAR SPANGLED TO DEATH, I demonstrated how the cosmos turns on the fact of Jerry Sims. I'd been attending his school-of-scuffed-shoes majoring in Simsism. One day scuffing midtown (or were we strolling on the capsizing Titanic?) the master was pulling choice items from pockets stuffed with obituary pages when we met his father. Popeye doesn't chance upon Pappy and let things pass. Jerry was flailing and spitting, disassociatively screaming small talk at him as the old man turned to politely aghast me: "Look at him. He had the brains of an Einstein. He could draw all the funnies. What happened?" olive Oyl might've replied, "If we knew the answer to that we'd know the answer to everything!"Later I'd veer off just as the answer was coming to me. It'd taken on the shape of The Black Hole. A Black Hole approaches in a curious way, edges dropping away until it gets to you. I got the idea and I graduated. --K. J.

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